World Population Day: How will our planet cope with 10 billion people?

Published At: 12 Jul 2023

Raya Muttarak gave an interview for the national news

Raya Muttarak, professor of demography at the University of Bologna in Italy, said the real challenge of dealing with climate change is reducing consumption in richer parts of the world.

"What’s really interesting is that the lowest-income group in the US still emits carbon more than the highest-income group in Africa," she said.

Dr Muttarak said that the key issue is not so much total food production, but a lack of equity distribution.

"We have the problem of over-consumption and under-consumption", with climate change set to create further disruption, she said.

"Conflict, climate change, it will disrupt food production. That’s something we have to worry about. But climate change in certain areas can make agricultural production better, for instance in the UK and Northern European countries," she added.

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